In the MCR we hold three “Clareity” evenings each term, as well as a full-day symposium in Lent term, where students give short presentations about their research in an informal setting with pizza and wine. It's a great way to learn something new, hear about the types of research your friends are doing, and even practice presenting your own work!

Together with the Clare Research Associates (SCR members) we also organise a set of after dinner talks each term accompanied by cheese, wine and desserts. We also work with the undergraduates to present informal “Dilettante” talks on a subject unrelated to your research. If you are unable to make it to the talks then you can also check out research of Clare Students on the Clareity board outside the MCR! If you could like to learn more about Clareity please get in touch with our Clareity co presidents, Sam and Ross at


Schedule for the Michealmas Term (2022) should appear here soon! Watch this space!

The Clareity President

The current Presidents of Clareity are Sam Hodder and Ross McGinn, and can be reached at

Sam and Ross are the committee members responsible for organising a series of talks throughout the year in the MCR, where MCR members (as well as some fellows, alumni and others) give talks about their research. They also organise the annual Clareity symposium (normally in March), to highlight the research work done by MCR members in the college. It's an excellent opportunity to find out what your fellow MCR members are up to when not at the bar, as well as celebrate each others' work and accomplishments.

If you would like to present, or have any Clareity-related questions, then don't hesitate to get in touch with Sam and Ross. They are always happy to have volunteers for talks!