About The MCR

What is the MCR?

The term MCR stands for "Middle Combination Room".

This is the term normally used in Cambridge colleges to refer their postgraduate common room, but also to the postgraduate community at that college. It can also refer to the committee of elected representatives who run the day-to-day operations of the MCR and represent postgraduate student interests to College. Not at all confusing!

Clare's MCR is known for its warm, friendly and vibrant community atmosphere and for our regular and frequent social events throughout the year. We have our own bar, situated in the MCR itself, giving us our own social space separate from the undergraduates. This allows us to host some pretty spectacular events from themed bar nights to champagne receptions to casino nights.

The MCR Common Room

Perhaps the most logical use of the term "MCR" is when referring to the physical common room itself. This is a ground-floor room situated at the heart of Clare's Old Court — reserved specifically for MCR members (i.e. postgraduates and a few 4th year undergraduates on masters programmes). It is bright and spacious, with plenty of natural light during the day, and provides several facilities for members. MCR Members have 24/7 access to this room, and you can typically always find people in there throughout the day. You should always be able to find a healthy supply of free tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and biscuits on the kitchenette/bar, and a selection of newspapers, magazines and journals on the tables.

It's the perfect place to catch up with friends over a tea/coffee or lunch, or just as a place to go to during the day to get some work done in a comfy armchair and good company. In the evenings it is used as more of an event space and, in particular, opens as a bar three days a week.

The MCR Bar

During Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday evenings (as well as for other events) the bar in the MCR opens, serving drinks to MCR members. We serve a wide range of drinks, including non-alcoholic options all at much better prices than you will be able to find anywhere in town.

To find out more about the bar, take a look at the MCR Bar Page.

The MCR Committee

Jas Bath is the current MCR President and can be reached at mcr-president@clare.cam.ac.uk.

Jas leads the MCR Committee, whose responsibility it is to both represent postgraduate students at Clare to the wider college, but also to handle the day-to-day running of the MCR, its facilities, and activities. You can normally find committee members hanging around in the MCR, as well as being reachable via e-mail. If you spot one of us, don't be shy — we are here to represent you and would love to meet you.

You can find more out about the current MCR Committee and all its members on the current committee page.

If you have an issue with something the committee can help with or just have a question, suggestion, or complaint then don't hesitate to get in touch!