About The Punts

At Clare, we are fortunate enough to have 3 punts that we own and operate during punting season. They are free for any college member to book and use, and are an excellent way to spend a sunny (or rainy if you're brave enough) afternoon.

They can be booked through our punts booker and are managed by the admirals -- one (or more) for the MCR and one for the UCS (undergrads).

The MCR Admiral of the Punts

The current MCR Admirals of the Punts are Glynn Maynard and Aliya Ali, and can be contacted on mcr-admiral@clare.cam.ac.uk.

Glynn and Aliya are responsible for the operation of our punts. They work hard to make sure the punts are kept in good condition and to manage their bookings. They also organise MCR beginners punting sessions, mostly in freshers' week, but potentially some others too if there's enough demand.

If you have any questions or punting-related requests, then please do get in touch with Glynn and Aliya. They are very lovely, promise!