Mature Students

Mature Students' Officer

Hi everyone,
My name is Emma Gleave (ejg78), and I am the Mature Students’ Officer. Mature students are generally defined as students who have taken some time out between their undergraduate studies and matriculating at Cambridge and who are older than average.

I fit into this category as I am a retired solicitor who established my own legal firm and built it up to be one of the largest personal injury firms in the country.

In 2014, I sold my law firm and retired from legal practice. I quickly became bored of retirement and decided to pursue an academic career, completing a Masters degree at King’s College, London. I am now studying in the History Faculty as a part-time second-year PhD student and am a keen rower for Clare.

In 2021 I was elected as the Clareity President and organised regular talks on various topics and then the Clareity Symposium in April 2022. The Symposium was a great success in large part due to the twenty-one great postgraduate student speakers.

Mature Students' Activities

Older students at Clare sometimes face different challenges from those facing younger students. I plan to create a Newsletter, organise regular social get-togethers, including a dinner and establish a mentoring scheme whereby new mature students would be mentored by a second-year plus postgraduate student.
At my suggestion, a similar mentoring scheme has been set up for first-year postgraduate students in the History Faculty. The scheme has worked well.
I also want to set up a social media platform such as Slack so that we can better communicate with each other.

As a group we are often overlooked, and I would like to build up our presence and make our time at Clare even more enjoyable.

Please email me on and I will add you to the email distribution list for slightly older post grad Clare students. I need your email address to make this work!!