External Support

Trigger Warning

This Page contains brief discussion of sexual assault and harrassment, substance abuse, alcohol abuse, mental, physical and sexual health

External Support and Resources

External Organisations and Charities


  • Your GP is your first point of call for most non‐life threatening health issue
  • NHS 111 – NHS 111 can help if you have an urgent medical problem and you’re not sure what to do.
  • The Emergency contraceptive pill can be brought from boots for £25 or can be free with consultation. The NHS has more information about emergency contraception: Emergency contraception (morning after pill, IUD)
  • First response – If you need an emergency ambulance or other emergency help call 999 without delay, then inform the porters so they can offer you support and ensure the paramedics can gain access to the building (if in college accommodation or building). Alternatively, in an emergency the nearest A&E/ER (accident and emergency) is at Addenbrookes hospital on Hills Road, Cambridge.
  • In any mental health crisis, you can contact the First Response Service at any time by dialling 111 and selecting option 2. This enables you to access immediate advice, support, and appropriate treatment from trained NHS staff 247.