Tips for Safer Sex

Trigger Warning

This Page contains brief discussion of sexual health, contraception and Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Throughout your time at Clare, you may engage in consensual sexual and physically intimate relationships with either new or already established partners. Here are some top tips for safer (and therefore more enjoyable) sex!

  • BYOC (Bring your own condom). Do not rely on your partner to have condoms, if you find yourself out, then there is a large collection of Condoms in the MCR Sexual Health box.
  • Discuss basic limits and boundaries around safer sex in advance.
  • Take regular STI tests.
  • For those with vaginas, the best way to prevent Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) after sex is to urinate after sex.
  • If you are using sex toys, use new condoms for each partner that uses them, and between vaginal, oral and/or anal penetration.
  • Avoid cunnilingus, anuilingus and/or fellatio (oral sex) while you have have any cuts or sores in your mouth or on your lips/face.
  • If you engage in cunnilingus or anuiligus, you may wish to use a dental dam. Dental dams are a square piece of latex or polyurethane which can cover the anus and vagina during oral sex. This can stop the transmission of STIs. We stock dental dams in the MCR Sexual Health box.
  • Infections can be passed on by hands, fingers, and mutual vulval rubbing. Wash your hands before, and after sex.
  • Latex gloves and warer‐based lubricant are recommended for vaginal and/or anal fisting.
  • Safe sex is important, but so is pleasure!