Bulletin: MRI Study, Blockchain Hackathon, and Persephone

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Looking for participants to take part in a paid MRI study

Study info

The broad aim of this experiment is to explore mechanisms of attention and decision‐making. This study is approximately 2 hours in total and consists of 1 hour lying comfortably in a Magnetic Resonance Imaging device plus short computerized tasks before and after the scan. MRI is short for Magnetic Resonance Imaging and it allows us to examine the brain structure and brain at work. It is safe and non‐invasive, however because MRI requires volunteers to be in a strong magnetic field we have to be careful to ask about metal in the body, since the metallic bits could move or heat up. This includes pacemakers, pins, plates and piercings that cannot be removed. Please read through the attached MRI safety screening form, and if you answer ‘yes’ for any of the items please contact the researcher prior to coming to the study. It can be loud, but we provide noise cancelling headphones to wear during the scanning session.

The study will take place at the MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit at 15 Chaucer Rd. We will need to make sure you meet certain eligibility criteria before signing up (see below).


£20 + travel (Up to £2 depending on your location).
We would be happy to provide a print of your brain from this MRI scan too!


Participants need to be healthy adult volunteers (any gender), right‐handed, with normal or corrected‐to‐normal vision, who speak English fluently, are aged between 18 and 45 years and who do not have metal in their body (i.e., no pins, plates, pace maker) and are not claustrophobic.


If you are interested in taking part please contact ashley.zhou@mrc-cbu.cam.ac.uk for further information

Join our Blockchain Hackathon (Win £25,000!)

EasyA, one of the UK’s fastest growing EdTech startups founded by recent grads, is hosting a hackathon (£25,000 in prizes to be won!) this month, together with one of the world’s largest blockchain projects, Polkadot!

Not a programmer? This hackathon is open to all students regardless of technical experience (whether it’s ideation, marketing or presenting, we encourage all students to enter!). It’s a great opportunity to boost your confidence and learn new things!

Are YOU or any friends Interested? Find out more and sign up here!

Persephone @ Cambridge Junction Theatre, 4–5th August

We are Jazz Hands Productions – a production company originating in Oxford, specialising in musical theatre and movement‐heavy, female‐centred narratives. We are touring our original musical, Persephone, and our first stop on tour is Cambridge, at the Junction Theatre on the 4–5th August. We would love to have you in the audience and it would provide a well‐deserved break from the stress of academia.

The story centres around the titular character, the Greek goddess of spring, reclaiming a narrative that is often attributed to those around her. In the rural town of Olympus, immortality grows rife, power is corrupt and nothing is a secret for long, but for the young Persephone, who lives hidden away in the fields, Olympus is nothing but a story. With the arrival of a mysterious stranger, Persephone is set on a journey that’ll entwine her and Olympus forever. Yet this is ultimately a show about hope, and about the cathartic moment of peace that comes on the journey to recovery. With its ups and downs, Persephone appeals to the timelessness of human nature – embracing the beautiful with the bleak.

This new folk‐rock musical by Emma Hawkins and Carrie Penn retells the story of Persephone through a contemporary lens. You can find more information and tickets on this link: https://www.junction.co.uk/persephone and in the flyer attached. We hope to see you there!


Bjarne Bergh
14 Jul 2022